Is the U.S. on its way to becoming ungovernable? An interview with author Bill Schneider

American politics is now propelled by “true believers”, not moderates, and divisions in values are now more important than divisions of “interests”, making the United States a step closer to being “ungovernable”, a society where a common set of ideas -and shared ideals- seems to be farther and farther away.

Bill Schneider, expert in American politics and former senior political analyst for CNN -1990 to 2009- sat down with Sherry and Pilar (The Pundettes), to explain how those realities brought the United States to its political situation today, with Donald Trump as President and toxic polarization without the chance of “negotiation”.

In a 20 minute, fast-paced interview, Schneider explains how the United States was founded to have “as weak a government as possible” and to make it hard to “make things done” but that this has come to a head after the 1960s to bring us to Donald Trump, a President who deliberately exploits divisions for his personal political benefit to an extent before unseen in modern history.

Schneider also offers his take on how the Internet has changed politics, passionate minorities dominate and control the majorities and why Donald Trump CAN win in 2020 but he appears to be wrong about what will bring him there.

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For more about Bill Schneider´s book, Standoff, see here

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