SOTU, 2020, Virginia and Venezuela, explained

Sherry and Pilar, in the latest show of The Pundettes, offer news and analysis of four hot topics of the week. You can listen to all or choose to listen to one, two or all in different order.

The first 17 minutes of the show are devoted to the State of the Union address by the President and how he laid out his cards. Unity? Not so much. Threats? Oh yeah.

Starting after minute 17:00 of the show, until about minute 33:00 there´s a discussion over what needs to happen for Democrats to defeat Trump in 2020. Who? How?

Sherry goes into the implosion of Democratic politics in the state of Virginia with not one, not two but three political scandals. What gives? Blackface and #metoo don´t forgive.

Then, Pilar spends the last 15 minutes of the show (after 40:30) explaining the situation in her birthplace of Venezuela and the frustrations of progressive Venezuelans who reject political labels to back a change in their homeland.

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